Commitment to Excellence Award

University of Detroit Mercy established the Commitment to Excellence Award to recognize Detroit Mercy’s outstanding staff and administrators. Detroit Mercy is fortunate to have employees who possess and exhibit outstanding qualities and who are committed to the success of its future. The Commitment to Excellence Award will be presented to three outstanding staff and administrative employees. One of these awards will be the Rising Star Award given to an employee who has been with the University less than two years.

Nomination Instructions:  

Deadline for nominations is Friday, April 26, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

All award recipients will receive a monetary award, a certificate and a commemorative gift. Names of each recipient will be displayed on the larger commemorative award housed within the HR department.


Nominees are considered based upon the following criteria:

  • The recipient consistently carries out his/her responsibilities professionally and collaboratively, providing excellent service to all those with whom he/she works and serves.
  • The recipient promotes and demonstrates the of the University and the goals of his/her college, school or department.
  • The recipient takes initiative in his/her work, going above and beyond what is required.
  • The recipient is dedicated, passionate and approaches work life with a positive attitude.


All full-time staff (non-exempt) and administrative (exempt) employees of the University are eligible.  

Those not eligible for nomination:

  • Prior recipients (unless they received the "Rising Star" award as a new employee and now have two or more years of service), the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, and the members of the Staff and Administrator Development Team. 
  • Former Staff and Administrator Development Team members may not be nominated until one full calendar year after their term expires.

            Please note that actively seeking nominations is not in the spirit of the award, and therefore discouraged.

Award recipients will comprise:

  • One staff and one administrative employee with two or more years of service.
  • One staff or administrative employee with less than two years of service.

Any faculty, staff or administrative employee of Detroit Mercy may nominate employees for the award. The name(s) of the nominators will be confidential.

Note: Detroit Mercy employees who have nominated a staff or administrative employee who were not selected as a recipient of this award in a previous year are encouraged to update and re-submit nominations as long as the nominee is eligible and meets the criteria.

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  • Past Recipients


    • Elizabeth Eicher – "Rising Star"
    • Stacey Harris – Staff
    • Adam Bouton – Administrator


    • Lezly Pruitt – Staff
    • Rebecca Simkins Nowak – Administrator


    • Karen Lee – "Rising Star"
    • Alan Devlin – Staff
    • Michael Sadler – Administrator


    • Marisa A. Tucker – "Rising Star"
    • Rahima Ahmed – Staff
    • Megan E. Novell – Administrator


    • Clara L. Gamalski – "Rising Star"
    • Jamal A. Alhabeil – Staff
    • Beverly A. Matlas – Administrator


    • Tanya E. Lundberg – "Rising Star"
    • Melanie Nevels – Staff
    • Dorothy M. Stewart – Administrator


    • Rafael Cruz – "Rising Star"
    • Maria Niedek – Staff
    • Kathleen Walker – Administrator


    • Michael T. Armstong – "Rising Star"
    • Diana M. Swider – Staff
    • Sivagnanasundar Nanthabalan – Administrator


    • Megan Featherstone – "Rising Star"
    • Crystal Walikangas – Staff
    • Jeffrey Johnson – Administrator


    • Trevor B. Mannausa – "Rising Star"
    • Mary M. Jackman – Staff
    • Diane M. Praet – Administrator


    • Leonard Kloft – "Rising Star"
    • Sarah D. Young – Staff
    • Betty Jean Nelson – Administrator


    • Nancy J. Girardi - "Rising Star"
    • Norma D. Goodlett - Staff
    • Meghann N. Murray - Administrator


    • Odie Y. Matthews - "Rising Star"
    • Gail M. Jones - Staff
    • Gwendolyn D. Graham - Administrator


    • Eileen E. Pawlowski - "Rising Star"
    • Mark F. Theut - Staff
    • Kimberly L. Richardson - Administrator


    • Brandon J. Longmeier - "Rising Star"
    • Dorothy F. Cooper - Staff
    • E. Louise Rae - Administrator


    • Alysa J. Ouellette - "Rising Star"
    • Laura E. Wright - Staff
    • Diana R. Squires - Administrator


    • Jessica S. Grimes - "Rising Star"
    • Jane Schley - Staff
    • Kathleen T. Bush - Administrator