Business Law Minor

Business Law Minor - 18 Credits

Available to all Undergraduate Students

Law is pervasive in all aspects of work and life. The minor in Business Law allows students from any academic discipline to learn the skill sets necessary to identify and manage legal issues encountered within personal and professional contexts, including insurance, employment, home ownership, and personal property. For students interested in a career in law, business, or government, the minor will provide a solid understanding of the complex legal issues that exist in today’s regulatory environment.

In order to declare and successfully complete the Business Law minor, students should take note of the following:

  1. A student must declare a major before declaring a Business Law minor.
  2. A student should declare a Business Law minor by the first semester of his or her junior year. A minor cannot be added after graduation. The minor will be certified at the same time that the student’s major(s) is certified for graduation.
  3. A minimum of 18 credits is required for the Business Law minor.
  4. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in Business Law minor courses in order for the minor to be posted on the official transcript at the time of graduation.
  5. At most, six credit hours within the Business Law minor may be counted towards both the major and the minor.
  6. At least 12 credits (or four courses) of the courses required for the minor must be taken at Detroit Mercy unless the courses are taken as part of a consortium agreement.
  7. BUS 3190 must be completed at Detroit Mercy.
  8. Where indicated for certain courses in the curriculum (see below), students must complete prerequisite courses before taking the specified course in the Business Law minor.
  9. No course for the Business Law minor can be taken on a pass/fail basis.
  10. A minimum of nine credit hours must come from courses at the 3000- or 4000-levels.
  11. Students in the College of Business Administration may not pursue both a concentration in Business Law and the Business Law minor.
  12. Students completing the Business Law minor will also be required to submit a portfolio to the Business Law minor coordinator during their final semester. The portfolio must include one example of written coursework completed by the student from each of the four component areas. In order to document the student’s intellectual development during the course of the minor program, examples of written work must be submitted in chronological order. A student may only submit one example of written work per course. In addition, the student must submit a 500-word reflective essay addressing how the minor enhanced: (a) his or her understanding of the connection between business law and private life; and (b) his or her understanding of the connection between business law and major field of study. Students will also be asked to share their comments and reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of the minor, as well as offer suggestions for improving the minor.
  13. The College of Business Administration reserves the right to review and to modify the curriculum for the Business Law minor through the same procedures that it uses to review and to modify the Business Administration major.

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  • Required Sequence of Courses

    First Course in Sequence

    Component Area 1: Law and Society (3 Credit Hours)

    • BUS 2350 Law and Popular Culture (3 credits)
    • BUS 3720 Sports Law (3 credits)
    • ACC 4300 Federal Income Taxation I (3 credits)

    Component Area 2: Law and Human Relations (3 Credit Hours)

    • BUS 4790 International Human Rights Law (3 credits)
    • BUS 3700 International Business Law (3 credits)

    Component Area 3: Law and Contractual Relationships (3 Credit Hours)

    • BUS 4770 Insurance Law and Risk Management (3 credits)
    • BUS 4760 Legal Environment of Real Estate (3 credits)
    • BUS 3520 Labor Law & Collective Bargaining (3 credits)

    Component Area 4: Special Topics in the Law (3 Credit Hours)

    • ACC 4400 Federal Income Taxation II (3 credits)
    • LEGA 2650 Corporations and Business Organizations (3 credits)
    • POL 2040 Tort Law (3 credits)
    • POL 3460 Civil Liberties and Equality (3 credits)

    Final Course in Sequence

    • BUS 3190 Ethics, Business Leadership, and Social Responsibility (3 credits)
  • Program Contact Information

    College of Business Administration
    University of Detroit Mercy
    4001 W. McNichols Road
    Detroit, MI 48221-3038

    Location: Commerce and Finance, CF 112, McNichols Campus
    Telephone: 313-993-1202
    Fax: 313-993-1673

    Dean, College of Business Administration : Joseph Eisenhauer, Ph.D.
    Telephone: 313-993-1204
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 122

    Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs : Leonard Kloft, Ph.D.
    Telephone: 313-993-1200
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 109

    Director of Undergraduate Business Programs : Evan A. Peterson, J.D., Ph.D.
    Telephone: 313-993-1202
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 115

    Director of Graduate Business Programs : Omid Sabbaghi, Ph.D.
    Telephone: 313-993-1172
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 143

    Coordinator of Student Services: Carrol Parris, M.A.
    Telephone: 313-993-1203
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 114

    Accounting Discipline Coordinator : Jeanne M. David, Ph.D.
    Telephone: 313-993-3325
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 225

    Decision Sciences Discipline Coordinator : Gregory W. Ulferts, D.B.A.
    Telephone: 313-993-1219
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 143

    Finance Discipline Coordinator : Suk Kim, Ph.D.
    Telephone: 313-993-1264
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 244

    Management Discipline Coordinator : Gerald Cavanagh, S.J., D.B.A.
    Telephone: 313-993-1179
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 218

    Marketing Discipline Coordinator : Ram Kesavan, Ph.D.
    Telephone: 313-993-1115
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 204

    Office Manager : Wendy Marshall, M.B.A.
    Telephone: 313-993-1200
    Office: Commerce and Finance, CF 112